Shanghai Xingyun Packaging Co.,Ltd
Add: Unit 1803,2 Building No. 1433 Xizang South Rd, Shanghai, China
TEL: 021-58131237
FAX: 021-58131842
Zip: 200011
China Shanghai Xingyun Packaging Color-Printing Co., Ltd
   We are called as " China Shanghai Xingyun Packaging Color-Printing Co., Ltd".It was founded in 1990. Our company transformed into China-America Joint-Venture Shanghai Xingyun Packaging Color-Printing Co., Ltd. Its register fund is 500 thousands US$.
   We owns many sets of roboticized modern color-printing and bag making equipments in order to meet all sorts of customers' requirements, such as six-colour Intaglio Printing Machine, eight-color roboticized Intaglio Printing Machine, Dry compounding machine, full roboticized Bag-Making Machine and so on.
Xingyun Packaging Color-Printing Co. focus on producing of OPP hanging bag, eight color side sealed modern clothes bag, food bag, PVC packing bag and any other forts of bag used in Light Industry & Daily use etc. We can also provide you roll firm of LDPE; HDPE, OPP/CPE, film with anthemion, wrapping film and so on, Many sorts of packing products have been exported to US, Canada and many other countries.
   Our service involves: Designing of the soft packing, Printing-Plate Making, Color-Printing, Compounding, Partitioning, Making bags and so on. We can produce all sorts of Bag and Film. Our products can widely used in toys, cosmetics, food, industry products and many other fields.
   Based on the tenet of " Quality is first, Service is top", we have won many inland and oversea customers. The General Manager "Mr. Li Chengliang" and all of our staffs warmly welcome you to visit our company. If interested in cooperation with us, pls feel free to contact us.
   Sincerely hope to establish regular business relationship with you in near future.
   Thanks for visiting our website!
   Any other questions, pls contact us: webmaster@xingyun-sh.com
   Website: http://www.sjzexporter.com
   Add (Office): Unit 1803,2 Building No. 1433 Xizang South Rd, Shanghai, China
   Tel: +86-21-63161026/25/24
   Fax: +86-21-63161023
   Zip: 200011
   E-mail: webmaster@xingyun-sh.com
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